IPQS Email Validator API

ipqualityscorecom email validator

Email validator API for real-time validation, reputation scoring & fraud prevention. IPQS offers powerful tools to validate new users, logins, payments, and more in real-time – to ensure that you are sending the right messages to the right people at the right time.

Verify ipqualityscore.com email validator to lower bounce rates, mass mailing service costs, SPAM filter issues, inboxing & typos by quickly detecting invalid, high risk and disposable email addresses. Clean up user or subscriber lists with batch lookups via CSV files or instant verification by our API or mobile SDK.

Our API performs hundreds of syntax & DNS checks to determine if an email address actually exists with the mail service provider and is able to accept new messages. This is critical to ensuring that you are sending email to active inboxes and not spam or promotion folders where the messages will be lost.

How to Verify and Validate Email Addresses for Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention

IPQS also checks for recent abuse associated with this email including confirmed chargebacks, fake signups, compromised devices & app installs, and other suspicious behavior within the last few days. This can help you identify a user’s recent risk and prevent them from engaging in abusive behavior that may negatively impact your business or brand.

Risk analysis for email addresses – Estimates the age of this email using the “First Seen” date from our honeypot threat network and partner feedback programs to help determine whether it is currently involved in abusive behavior such as chargebacks, fake account creation, trial abuse or other threats.