Five of the Best Online Games for Learning Music

Gaming is a huge part of many students’ lives. Bringing it into your music classroom can take the boredom out of practicing and help students retain knowledge. It also provides a way to practice essential skills like note recognition, rhythm and ear training in ways that are fun and engaging.

Online music games can เข้าสู่โลกแห่งชัยชนะกับ UFABET เว็บตรง help reinforce music theory concepts, instrument identification, composer history and a whole lot more. They are great for students who need to review or practice their music vocabulary and can help take the repetition out of memorization. They can also be useful for helping a student gain confidence playing their instrument by showing them that they can use their knowledge to play well even when they aren’t feeling particularly confident.

Virtual Virtuosos: Top Picks for Online Games That Teach Music

These five online music games can all be used to reinforce different parts of your music syllabus. They include Alphabet Towers, which helps students learn the musical alphabet and can be a precursor to learning how to sight read; Mystery Melodies, which builds listening skills by connecting what they see on a piece of sheet music with what they hear on their instruments; Orchestra Instrument Matchup, which is a simple game where players hunt for orchestra related words among a grid of gobbledygook (a bit more difficult than it might seem!) and Orchestra Instrument Family, via Quia, which tests students’ ability to identify what family an orchestra instrument belongs to (e.g. woodwinds).

Rhythm Plus is similar to Guitar Hero and gives students the chance to test their rhythm skills while having a good time! Cyber-Pattern Player is a simpler drum machine that can be customised to add your own patterns and sounds. Song Maker, also via Chrome Music Lab, allows you to create your own beats using a variety of instruments including marimba, piano, strings and kit as well as more electronic options such as synth.