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Meet with Riley - Radar Conf19
Radar Conf19

Meet with Riley

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More about Riley Lincoln

Riley Lincoln is a passionate software engineer who specializes in web development and DevOps technologies. He is currently attending Radar Conference 2019, a premier event for developers and tech professionals to learn the latest industry trends and network with peers.

Riley has been programming since he was 11 years old, initially starting out with HTML and CSS. He quickly moved on to other languages such as Java and JavaScript, where he discovered his passion for coding. During high school, Riley began working on open-source projects, leading to internships in college with various startups. After graduating with a degree in computer science, he went on to work as a full-time software engineer at several technology companies before transitioning into consulting roles.

Riley is an active member of the developer community, often speaking at conferences about modern web development techniques and open-source technologies. He enjoys mentoring junior developers and sharing knowledge through technical workshops. In his spare time, Riley likes to explore new programming languages and frameworks as well as play video games with friends online.

At Radar Conference 2019, Riley will be presenting on “Cloud Native Development Patterns” – discussing the importance of using containerized applications for scalability and reliability in distributed systems. After the conference, Riley will continue working towards his goal of becoming a technical leader in the field by staying up to date on the newest technologies while always pushing himself to learn more each day.