How to Throw a Cocomelon Theme Party
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Kids love Cocomelon, and it’s a fun theme to celebrate their special day! Here are a few fun ways to throw your own cocomelon theme party.


For the decorations, make sure to use a colorful and bright table cover that matches the theme of your party. It’s a great way to make your table pop!

Welcome Boards:

A personalized welcome board that is decorated with your kid’s favorite cartoon characters will be a huge hit for your guests. It also helps you keep your kid’s birthday party theme intact.

Goodie Bags:

A goodie bag is a great way to give out little gifts that your guests can take home. You can fill the bags with toys and candy, or you can use simple, inexpensive items like bubble wands and crayons.


Kids love playing games and activities, so be sure to set up a few. A game of bubble wands is a fun way to get the party started, and you can also set up a CoComelon splash pad!


Another fun activity is to fill a Cocomelon pinata with small prizes and candy. You can find these online and hang them up for your party!


The birthday cake is the highlight of a child’s theme party. Luckily, we have some adorable cakes in a rainbow of colors that are perfect for Cocomelon!