How to Verify an Email Address
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Verify an email address is a crucial step in the email marketing process. It ensures that your emails reach the right people in the right inboxes and improves your deliverability and reputation scores. Using invalid or non-existent addresses leads to high bounce rates and hurts your sender reputation. Email verification weeds out these addresses to improve your results and save you money by reducing wasted resources on undelivered messages.

Email verification goes beyond checking whether an email address has the ‘@’ symbol and a domain name. It also checks the MX records of the domain to make sure that the domain is active and can receive emails, and pings the email server to verify its existence. Moreover, it determines whether the email is role-based (a generic mailbox such as info@ or help@) or disposable (an address that exists only for one send or one recipient).

Ensuring Accuracy: Tips to Verify an Email Address

Moreover, email verifiers use various other techniques like looking at the DNS records of the domain and performing SMTP commands to determine authenticity of an email address. They can also identify spammy behavior and determine whether the email is listed in any blocklists or is a fake or risky email address such as a free or temporary email account.

If you’re looking for a solution that can perform these checks and more, check out Abstract’s email verification API. The API looks at syntax errors, MX records, SMTP, and checks if the email is a role-based or disposable address. It can also check the date when the address was first seen and when it was last seen, which helps to identify inactive or risky email addresses.