Meet Positives – Meet People With Herpes, HIV, Hepatitis B, Chlamydia and Other STDs
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When you have herpes, HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C or chlamydia, dating isn’t as easy as it could be. The stigma associated with these sexually transmitted infections has led to many people being left alone and isolated because of their diagnosis, so STI-focused dating apps have been developed to help. One of the most popular is Meet Positives, a site and app that connects people with herpes or other STDs with potential partners.

The app is available on meetpositives desktop and mobile devices, and it allows users to discreetly save photos and chat using an anonymous number until they’re ready to share their real phone number. Users can also use a feature that allows them to block other members from contacting them.

Finding Love and Connections: How Meet Positives is Changing the Dating Landscape

A spokesperson for Meet Positives says that the company was founded in an effort to free the hearts of individuals living with an STD from the shame society often places upon them. Often, people who contract STDs don’t do anything wrong and got the diseases through someone they trusted or even loved. The spokesperson points out that the disease can be treated and that most of the time, these individuals contracted their infections when they were in a relationship with someone who either lied to them or did not disclose their status.

Unlike traditional dating apps, Meet Positives allows users to reveal their STD status in their profiles. This way, people can find matches that are aware of their situation and are more likely to be understanding if things do not work out. The site and app also provides a range of tips, resources and information on herpes, HPV, HIV, hepatitis and chlamydia to help those looking for love feel more confident in their ability to date.