Ticketmaster Makes it Easy to Change Seats
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Can you switch tickets on ticketmaster has always been a bit of a pain when it comes to buying tickets, but it’s particularly frustrating when you want to change seats. Taylor Swift fans who paid up to PS250 to sit in the front rows of her Manchester shows were left “very annoyed” after Ticketmaster moved them to new seats further from the stage.

The iPad is a great way to buy tickets on Ticketmaster, but some of the functionality has been cut down due to Apple’s lack of support for Adobe Flash. That means that the interactive seat map won’t show up, which impedes the ticket buying process.

When it comes to buying tickets on the iPad, you’ll need to use a computer or an Apple iMac to get the full experience. Otherwise, you’ll be limited to the “best available” seating options, which aren’t necessarily the best seats for a particular show.

Maximizing Your Ticketmaster Experience: Changing Seats to Improve Your View

To make sure you’re able to see the show from the best seat possible, Ticketmaster recently launched a new feature on its website and mobile apps that lets you preview the view of the stage before you go. The feature is powered by IOMedia and uses 3D virtual venue technology to let you virtually walk into the theater.

Unless you’re an insider or are on a special credit card presale, most big event tickets are sold out before the sale even begins. But Ticketmaster says there are ways to increase your chances of snagging a good seat, including using your Ticketmaster account and avoiding shared Wi-Fi networks.