Under Seat Hidden Car Gun Safe
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A best under seat hidden car gun safe is a great way to conceal a firearm without the added hassle of installing a permanently mounted car safe. Choosing the right one for your needs depends on the type of firearm you have and the size of the car. There are also various locking systems that you can choose from, including PIN codes and biometrics. Some are designed for temporary storage while others are tethered to the car so they cannot be carried away.

Where not to put a gun safe?

Unlike many other car gun safes, this model has a slim vertical design that allows it to be mounted on the side of the center console and still provide quick access in an emergency. It can be unlocked with a barrel key, RFID-enabled fob or decal, digital keypad, or combination lock and has a steel security cable for additional protection against theft.

There are several designs available that tether to the car, like this one from SnapSafe. Its small size makes it easy to slide under a car seat and it can be secured with a 1,500-pound rated security cable so it won’t get stolen. The combination lock is simple to use and it meets TSA airline firearm guidelines so you can safely store your weapon in checked baggage.

This under seat safe is a little more expensive than the other models in this list but it provides the ultimate level of concealment. It is a solid steel box that you can bolt to your floor or wall and place desiccant inside to reduce humidity. The combination lock is a simple one to use and it has a low battery indicator light so you will know when it’s time to change the batteries.