Why Your Vagina Smells Like Fish
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vagina smells like fish

Every woman’s vagina has a unique smell that communicates information about her health and lifestyle. It varies by menstrual cycle, hormones, personal vaginal flora and more. Find out: https://getflowerpower.com/blogs/news/fishy-vaginal-odor

Tangy, fermented or sour aromas are normal and a sign that your bacterial flora is doing its job. These healthy bacteria produce lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide and other substances to keep your vagina acidic to prevent bad bacteria from growing.

Myth or Fact? Debunking common misconceptions about vaginal odor

Often times, the fishy smell is a result of something that’s stuck in your vagina. This foreign body may be a tampon or a sperm, and can make the vaginal odor worse.

Another reason for the smell of fish in your vagina is a condition called bacterial vaginosis. This condition occurs when there are too many “bad” bacteria in your vagina, says Dr. Marilyn Jerome, OB-GYN at Foxhall OB-GYN Associates.

Your doctor can diagnose bacterial vaginosis through a physical exam and taking a sample of your discharge for testing. They may also perform a urinalysis to test for an infection and a rectal exam to check for a rectovaginal fistula.

Trichomoniasis, an STI, can also cause a fishy-smelling vagina. This is a sexually transmitted infection that can cause symptoms like itching and burning, as well as painful urination and intercourse.

The most common cause of a fishy-smelling vagina is a condition called bacterial vaginitis. This can be treated by changing your diet and adjusting your lifestyle to help regulate the natural bacteria in your vagina. Your doctor can also prescribe oral antibiotics that you insert into your vagina to treat the overgrowth of bacteria that causes the fishy odor.